Sep 23, 2010

Full hands=Full heart

And so it is. School has just begun with only two weeks under our belts, and we have been hit but a flu and a rotten head and chest type cold. Ick. But on the bright side of that it has certainly given us some much appreciated cuddle time. We've also added to the pot, sports galore! Allie is back in softball and she's loving the league. As am I; they are so organized. Kamran is playing baseball with the best coach he ever could have asked for, thank you Marc! Lastly, Jaan is playing soccer. Whew! All of this means practices on two weekdays (two on one day), and one game on Saturday and two games on Sunday! Not to mention, homework for all and tutoring two days a week for Kamran. HOLY MOLY.

Kamran turned eight last weekend. We had a fun filled day together, the afternoon at the park with some friends for pizza and cupcakes. The children had such great fun decorating them, it was almost a shame to eat them. ;) After the park, we packed ourselves up and went to Disneyland. What a great day!

Saj has been traveling quite a bit this past month as well. Loads of fun for him, though we have all been missing him terribly.
Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center
Get Lucky by Katherine Center

Sep 2, 2010

Things Change

So, no more home-schooling for us. We put the kids in school last spring to test the waters and it went well. Allie will be in the seventh grade this year, she is very excited. And a little bit nervous as well. Kamran will be in 2nd and Jaan in 1st. Kamran is taking reading at Kumon as well. Everyone is still enjoying Karate and weekend trips to Disneyland. I will have a bit more time to write as soon as school starts next week. Mixed emotions there. I love the time to get things accomplished and yet I miss having the kids around.

We've made some changes around the house recently, but things always seem to go back to the basics. I guess we are who we are. Sometimes we get a bit caught up in making other people happy, which always seems to back fire. So back to our core nutritional values, less meat. In fact we've adopted meatless mondays which has been fantastic. Thursdays are generally picnic night at the beach. And the rest is poultry or fish with a ton of veggies. Fresh fruit and lots of fun.

We found some great finds last Sat. at the farmers market and I'm thrilled with the reviews from the "critics". I've been experimenting with some vegetarian and vegan recipes as well, as a result of meatless mondays. And it's quite nice. Less damage to our bodies and the environment. We're also lowering our sugar intake, which is so key for Saj because of his father's health issues that tend to be hereditary. I've done some searching and found some awesome websites and other blogs that really support where we're at. So great to have allies.

Well, we are soon off to soccer practice and Kumon today before the picnic, which means early food prep. Tonight we are experimenting with fajitas made on the grill at the beach. So, i need to chop the veggies, make guacamole, toss a salad, and marinade some chicken. All before the activities. Whew.

Apr 12, 2010


Today was National D.E.A.R Day (Drop Everything And Read). I am excited about this one. We are reading a slew of Beverly Cleary books, as today was also Mrs. Cleary's 92nd birthday. Included for us this month: Beezus and Ramona, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, A Girl from Yamhill, and our only non Cleary book, we will finish Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Maybe we should pick up something to help inspire us to be a bit more vigilant as Earth Day is next week.
P.S. On that note, the kids are making bank with their latest recycling project. They are collectively responsible to ensure that all recyclables are taken to the garage, and I take them to the recycling center to cash it all in. It's working out beautifully for us all. LOL.

Our Big Move

So a few months ago, we moved to California, as many of you already know. I know that many were not even aware that we were moving until a truck showed up in the driveway back in Utah.
However, we are finally beginning to feel like we're settling in. Allie has begun taking dance classes (Jazz to be exact) and she loves it already. :D Kamran and Jaan are busy with Karate three days a week and Jaan also is in a soccer camp on Tuesdays-crazy. LOL.
I have been very grateful that we don't have the chaos of transferring schools, as we have merely had to conform to one state law regarding education at home. Which was to become a private school.
Love to all. Talk soon...

Dec 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

So, the kids and I have finished our holiday shopping. What fun we've had. And today we have new snow falling, which is great because everything was brown and blah yesterday. If we're going to be freezing our guts out, it may as well be snowy. 
Last night the kids and I finally finished reading Honey Bunch. We re-read What Are You So Grumpy About, and read The Gift of The Magi by O. Henry.
The kids and I discussed New Years Resolutions and will be working on those in the coming weeks, hopefully to be finalized by the 31st. I can't wait to see what the kids come up with. 
Tonight we are planning a trip to Thanksgiving Point to feed Santa's Reindeer and take a carriage ride(hopefully, if it's not too cold) through the park to see the Holiday Lights. 
Last saturday we attended my family's annual Christmas party. The kids all had a blast and as always it's wonderful to catch up with everyone. It's amazing that now matter how near or far we all live, we always seem to lose touch, so it's great to come together, to see the kids and marvel at how they've grown. Well, I'm off to help Allie make her blankets for the children's hospital. Have a safe, happy holiday.