Dec 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

So, the kids and I have finished our holiday shopping. What fun we've had. And today we have new snow falling, which is great because everything was brown and blah yesterday. If we're going to be freezing our guts out, it may as well be snowy. 
Last night the kids and I finally finished reading Honey Bunch. We re-read What Are You So Grumpy About, and read The Gift of The Magi by O. Henry.
The kids and I discussed New Years Resolutions and will be working on those in the coming weeks, hopefully to be finalized by the 31st. I can't wait to see what the kids come up with. 
Tonight we are planning a trip to Thanksgiving Point to feed Santa's Reindeer and take a carriage ride(hopefully, if it's not too cold) through the park to see the Holiday Lights. 
Last saturday we attended my family's annual Christmas party. The kids all had a blast and as always it's wonderful to catch up with everyone. It's amazing that now matter how near or far we all live, we always seem to lose touch, so it's great to come together, to see the kids and marvel at how they've grown. Well, I'm off to help Allie make her blankets for the children's hospital. Have a safe, happy holiday.

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